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Our meeting point and reception is on the Spiaggia Grande of Positano , under the large white gazebo, just in front of the steps leading from the center of Positano to the sea.

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Thanks to the collaboration of their children, the activity found a remarkable development and began to boast an ever increasing number of boats.

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We can customize your boat trip as you prefer and create a unique moment for your family!


Our fleet ranges from wooden boats to luxury yachts. All of our property and scrupulously maintained.


Our boat rental company has existed since 1940: the sea of ​​the Coast is our home!

Our History

The boat rental “blagdon the pond masters” was born from an idea of ​​Salvatore blagdon the pond masters, skilled fisherman who during the ’40s, despite the rather difficult period, bought two rowing boats and undertook this activity. With the passage of time, the birth of the first ferries for the transport of mail and the first tourists who arrived on the coast led Salvatore to build his own boat of greater dimensions, just to meet these new needs.


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blagdon the pond master organizes private tours with sailors to Capri and the Amalfi Coast: you can choose between a full day tour or a 4 hour tour. The “full day” tours range from 9.30 to 17, while for the 4-hour tours you can choose between the morning (9-13) or the afternoon (14-18). Full-day tours also give you the chance to disembark to visit Amalfi or Capri by land.

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Tips to Keep Your Pool Clean

clean pool

If you have a pool in your house or in your backyard, you need to make sure there are other things sorted alongside enjoying it. You need to make sure that you are able to clean and maintain it no matter what. The pool and poolside need to be kept clean so there is no debris or raw materials stuffed inside the pool.

It is absolutely essential that the pool is kept clean and maintained no matter what the circumstances. So whether you have had a pool party at Christmas or have been working too much to get time to clean, there are a few pro tips to make your effort minimum and your enjoyment of the pool maximum:

1. Skim off Leaves and Litter

It is always better to have a scraper and skimmer. You need to make sure you have a water skimmer in your hand which you can use without any issues. You can use the scraper with a net and dip it within the pool to accumulate all the leaves and litter wrappers which can be simply picked up. It is better to enjoy cleaning with a smoother scraper without making an issue.

Even if you call mobile pool service Brisbane, you will notice they also use the scraper to pick up solid objects which can be easily used to remove solid and identifiable objects from the surface of the pool.

2. Filtering

You need to make sure your filters are active and running in the pool. The filtering system automatically sucks in every little debris item and ensures proper cleaning no matter what. You will notice that the filters are much easier to replace, re-clean and have them work again to their magic.

Filtering systems make sure the entire water is cleaned and purified. These filters also have a chlorine component which enable 100 percent cleaning and purification for everyone to swim without getting exposed to bacteria or infection.

3. Vacuuming


If your pool is in active use, you need to make sure it is thoroughly cleaned after two days maximum. For instance, you need to empty the contents of the pool and let the debris or excess materials settle down without water. Once this is done, you need to let the pool air dry and wait out for at least three hours.

Once that is done, you can simply get into the pool area with a vacuum cleaner and clean up the entire area properly. You will notice that the vacuum cleaner is properly able to clean every little corner of the pool. You will notice how easily you will be able to clean the entire pool without making too much effort and without calling professional services. There’s nothing better than doing that.

Waterways Environment Type

This type of environment includes water bodies with very different characteristics, only united by the presence of running waters. In fact, starting from a tumultuous torrent that breaks out from the glacial front, or from a source of high altitude, and following the path until it becomes a murmure torrent of mountain valley, and then a placid course that plows a main valley, you can check a gradual and profound change in the characteristics of the water flow, the slope and the type of substrate, and therefore of the vegetation of the banks.

In general it can be said that along the way a watercourse faces a progressive enrichment of its biological community, both in terms of fauna and flora.

One type of current water environment that escapes the longitudinal classification is the piedmont resurgence. Its very particular characteristics, such as the brevity of the course or the origin of low altitude sources, prevent it from being included in the source-torrent-river scheme.

The flow of water at the base of large mountain bodies, after long underground journeys, gives these waters some characteristics that strongly influence the biological community.

The water, which usually flows at the base of large rock faces at the intersection with the plain or valley floor, in riverbeds often regularized by the work of man (these are the so-called pits), has a constant temperature and chemical characteristics throughout ‘year.

The dissolved salts are very poor because of the very short distance traveled on the surface. The very high transparency and the constancy of the flow allow the development of a thriving and varied submerged vegetation, which is also the main food source for many invertebrate organisms.

These, in turn, are the essential source of food for the particular fish population of the resurgence.


When the torrents reach the valley bottoms and those of the main valleys, the impetus of the water decreases considerably and so is its ability to reorganize the debris and rejuvenation of the riverbed: on the shore you can thus establish various and fairly stable plant communities .

Although the grains are mostly dry during the summer, the plants that grow there may have water present among the alluvial materials, as the water table is always close to the surface. These phytocoenoses are usually characterized by the presence of narrow-leaved willows, mainly Salix purpurea , S. eleagnos , S. viminalis and S. triandra , all species that usually assume a shrub or low tree bearing.

Among the willows grow various pioneer plants, such as Glyceria plicata , Agrostis stolonifera , Phalarisarundinacea , Calamagrostis epigejos , Petasites hybridus and Tussilago farfara . In water, in stretches with weak current, watercress ( Nasturtium officinale ) is frequent .

The willow willow salix ( Salix eleagnos ) may be considered a precursor stage of the white alder forest, however the phytocenoses of the gravels rarely evolve into arboreal formations, since the floods periodically reshape the river bed by obliterating or almost the vegetation.

The white willow woods ( Salix alba ) represented the typical riparian vegetation of the rivers, but they were almost totally destroyed by capillary interventions of embedding and canalization of the waters; these have not spared even the secondary courses, deeply distorting the characteristics of their precious flora.

As the deer longs for waterways

Why does the Cerva long for water courses?
For vital necessity and for pleasure. Pleasure conveys vital necessity.
In us, pleasure sometimes conveys the narcissistic necessity of founding self-esteem.
But since things, objects, activities can not found self-esteem, pleasure is reduced to a nervous and neurotic research that always pursues the search for the good by fishing in the wrong ways and places.

On the other hand, pleasure has been given to man as a reflection of the joy full of charity that lives in the Trinity and in the heart of God. This is why pleasure, any pleasure, dissociated from responding to its deep vocation of vital research of God, of the “living God” produces everything he should avoid: the destruction of the self made to be the glory of God.

  • Only God is thirst and the fulfillment of thirst.
  • Only God is life and the giver of life.
  • Only God establishes the self and sustains it with a correct self-esteem.
  • Only God is full ecstasy.

Therefore pleasure, wounded by sin, must be educated; day after day. It is certainly not television conveying its criteria of pleasure that makes us transcend; rather. It is a constant vehicle for sharing, marketing, marketability and narcissism. Television rarely educates, often hurts and widens the wounds of our self-esteem.
The believer knows that the living is only God and that the pleasure and the taste of pleasure and desire makes sense only in a life entirely oriented towards God and eternal goods. The great discovery that is made in God and the more we seek it the more we thirst for it, preparing ourselves, henceforth to live with him in Eternity.

Therefore, asking for the gift of Eternity, now, in our concrete history, is the priority of prayer. An inexhaustible source to always look for.

Our Customers

This was THE BEST part of our trip!!! We rented a private speed boat and toured the Amalfi Coast with a stop and the Emerald Grotto (not worth the money) and many AMAZING stops to swim in caves. We also stopped in Amalfi for lunch. Our driver was so informative. This is a MUST DO!!!

This was the highlight of our trip to Italy. Our group of 10 chartered a Sorrento 32 (La Lucia) captained by Aniello. Aniello was the best – he was very friendly and very knowledgeable of the history of the towns and sights along the coast. We were in awe of his boat handling skills.

We chartered for a full day and toured along the coast from Nerano to Maiori. We visited the town of Amalfi and Aniello arranged for our lunch at a great beachside restaurant in Conca dei Marini. The view of the coast from the water is magical. We nosed into grottos, we jumped into the electric blue Mediterranean when we were hot. The boat itself is beautiful with plenty of room for the 10 of us – we soon figured out that it has a great sound system as well.

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