Why does the Cerva long for water courses?
For vital necessity and for pleasure. Pleasure conveys vital necessity.
In us, pleasure sometimes conveys the narcissistic necessity of founding self-esteem.
But since things, objects, activities can not found self-esteem, pleasure is reduced to a nervous and neurotic research that always pursues the search for the good by fishing in the wrong ways and places.

On the other hand, pleasure has been given to man as a reflection of the joy full of charity that lives in the Trinity and in the heart of God. This is why pleasure, any pleasure, dissociated from responding to its deep vocation of vital research of God, of the “living God” produces everything he should avoid: the destruction of the self made to be the glory of God.

  • Only God is thirst and the fulfillment of thirst.
  • Only God is life and the giver of life.
  • Only God establishes the self and sustains it with a correct self-esteem.
  • Only God is full ecstasy.

Therefore pleasure, wounded by sin, must be educated; day after day. It is certainly not television conveying its criteria of pleasure that makes us transcend; rather. It is a constant vehicle for sharing, marketing, marketability and narcissism. Television rarely educates, often hurts and widens the wounds of our self-esteem.
The believer knows that the living is only God and that the pleasure and the taste of pleasure and desire makes sense only in a life entirely oriented towards God and eternal goods. The great discovery that is made in God and the more we seek it the more we thirst for it, preparing ourselves, henceforth to live with him in Eternity.

Therefore, asking for the gift of Eternity, now, in our concrete history, is the priority of prayer. An inexhaustible source to always look for.